Eva van den Hamsvoort makes art for companies and individuals.
Her artist name is 'Eva Maria'.

Her company ART Eva Maria makes portraits, landscapes, abstract work, mixed media, drawings, paintings and more...

Would you like an artwork by Eva Maria on your wall? 3 ways to buy art:


Customized personal art

Are you looking for a portrait, a landscape or rather an abstract work? A personal artwork completely tailored for your home, office or company?
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customized art


 Art Eva Maria Shop

ART Eva Maria makes works that can be purchased on any material and size. There are themed series and you will find something that suits you for a friendly price!
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Eva Maria Shop


Saatchi Art Gallery

Saatchi Art is an international Gallery. Here, original artworks by ART Eva Maria are sold worldwide. Find your favorite work!
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Saatchi Art Gallery

ART News Eva Maria!

© ART Eva Maria, Eva van den Hamsvoort / Breda / Netherlands / Call 0031-(0)76-5201888 / eva@studio-evs.com. Portret, kunst, schilderijen, tekeningen, mixed media, kunst geschenken in opdracht. Portrait, art, paintings, drawings, mixed media, art gifts commission.

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